The digital simulator tool, on the basis of introduced data and different scenarios, will generate different challenges to the students-entrepreneurs in order to test and evaluate the financial part an entrepreneur’s proposal and also provide recommendation according to the real input of different financial agents such as banks, private investors, business angels or collaborative funding platforms. In this output, the project introduces several innovations through two key technological elements: social learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Manage essential financial situations needed in entrepreneurship.
Have access to practical entrepreneurial financial education.
Interact with banking/financial entities or private investors and learn from the generated interactions.

Available courses

Get an investor who, in addition to investing in your business, will advise you and collaborate with your project.

Do more with less: take advantage of all available resources for entrepreneurship.

A start-up with potential? And, what's more, it has just started operations? Try venture capital, and... grow by increasing the value of your company!

What a great business idea you have! Now you have to build the minimum viable product.

Find the basic resources and networks you need to develop your startup.

Do you have an established business and need more capital? The stock market is waiting for you, sell your shares to investors who want to participate in the growth and development of your company.

Does your venture involve R&D or pursue a social or environmental objective? Check out European grants, explore current funding programmes and boost your business.

Spread the word about your project and raise funds from supporters and small investors.

Spread the word about your project and raise funds from supporters and small investors.